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PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2014 6:07 am 

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Have you thought about applying for the studies which are going on at two major US medical institutions, these are looking at the underlying mechanisms behind PFS and hence are the real hope for facilitating any kind of treatments in future. Unfortunately not enough guys are applying. Participants are urgently needed. Please see details on front page of site.

If you choose to participate in the Baylor research, IT WILL BE PAID FOR

PM forum member Jorbie

You can also email Phillip Roberts -


PostPosted: Thu Apr 30, 2015 11:18 am 

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Hi there,

Thought id give an update 1 more year has passed. The girl did not want to see me again. I managed to sleep with a couple of girls in the UK, and actually it was pretty good. The only thing that was wrong was maybe a little soft with BJ's and once I had orgasmed, that was it, no more sex.

So I moved back to AUS. I don't really feel like telling a long story so i'll just give you some cliffnotes. Have had some anxiety / stress. Generalised anxiety has been a constant companion although in the UK ive seen signs of it abating. I was smoking in the UK (well aware this lowers penile bloodflow) but I thought you know what, fuck it. I was doing it for me and for fun. I swear to god the dopamine or nicotine or something from cigarettes helped relax me. Im well aware that cigarettes actually make you more stressed and the relief is from nicotine withdrawl, but I was generally less anxious on cigarettes and happier too. Still I quit, not worth it.

Current situation - I feel a bit sad and have the last few days. I have been abstaining from masturbation / porn, but decided about 3 days ago to re-test. Immediately regretted it. I've wanked a couple more times and my anxiety is back again.

My libido is still low, mental clarity is a lot better, anxiety is a lot better. Let me say what ive done and what I think is helping.

Sleeping - Have been sleeping fairly well, getting good sleep. Hopefully it helps
Intermittent fasting - Have been doing this for years now. I really think it helps with clarity, and hopefully cell repair (autophagy). Lately ive upped the fast (eat by 8:00pm latest, eat again around 1:00pm where possible).
Diet - Hasn't been brilliant but not terrible, try to eat healthy take away (subway, noodles etc). Tuna & eggs at home.
Gym - So ive been to the gym a bit over the years, but for the first time I feel relaxed there. Have had good energy there in general (few aches and pains) and have been getting stronger and putting on muscle. This is the light of my life at the moment as Ive never been able to tolerate the gym.
Reverse Kegels - Ive learnt that i have a tight pelvic floor. In a bid to try help my erections (prob from propecia problems) I tried Kegelling back in about 2005. Ended up with some premature ejaculation problems. I think this became a habit and have been reverse kegeling lately with good effect for my erections.
Mediation - I really believe meditation is great for anxiety and for lowering stress. I haven't done it for a few days but I MUST get back on it.
Walking - I also don't walk enough but I when I did I felt far better
Anxiety - Between mediation and some excellent resources I'm making incredible inroads towards anxiety. Claire Weekes is the key to beating anxiety imho. Propecia induced anxiety is almost impossible to deal with (trust me I know) but I think i'm dealing with the remnants of that. By facing > Accepting > Floating > letting time pass, Im learning slowly to let go. I need to give less fucks.
Work - I quit my job, was doing fine but long story. I'm currently at uni and fortunately am in the position I can stay away from working for a while. Full steam ahead trying to help myself.
Abstaining from porn and masturbation - This is my secret weapon. I know that propecia caused my problems, i'll never deny that. But abstaining from the above really really helps. It significantly improves my cognition more than anything else. In fact after 95 days I even felt my libido come back. When I orgasm a few again I get an awful hangover though (very anxious). Starting tonight, abstaining again, hoping to get to even longer this time 6-12mo. Should be able to.

So who knows if i'll ever get better. It does seem mentally im getting better ever so slowly. Perhaps in a few years I can hold down quite a professional job well, at least i'll have some purpose. There's a chance i'm getting better in all areas, even sexually. It seems to be an upward trend. My deepest hope at the moment is that working out for a year and packing on some bulk switches something back on.

Welcome to contact me for any reason, but i'll probably try go back to my own devices again now. I am really averse to taking pharmaceuticals to cure myself, since that's what screwed me in the first place.

I really wish you all (and myself) the best of luck

PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 1:38 pm 

Joined: Fri Oct 31, 2008 3:41 am
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Guess what, me again. 10 year propecia man checking in. And what a weird night to post. Normally id make these posts when i'm feeling pretty good, but i'll readily admit i feel a bit down right now. But not too bad. I doubt anyone will even read this but i find it handy to keep a diary.

So, last 2 years ive been doing uni, going to the gym and doing work placements. Uni has been going fairly well (grade wise) although my lord do i hate assignments. The stress of having them over my head is horrible. One more assignment to go till my masters is finished.

The gym - I've been going to the gym for about 1.5-2 years now, doing a semi compound/powerlifting split. Have made some decent strength gains (bench 125kg, squat 170kg, deadlift 210kg). I feel that my gains might be a bit low for my body shape and the way im put together, im a bit of a nugget. Do i have low T? I don't know, perhaps this is usual for someone who isn't neccessarily eating right / good with form.

Work placements - have been doing placements they have been going well. In fact i landed a job a week ago at one of my placements.

Sooo.. How am i going? Well firstly on the cognitive side, I am generally pretty good. I get sadness, i get anxiety.. BUT my learning about claire weekes, acceptance and some other resources have accelerated my mental health leaps and bounds in general. I'm slightly out of whack and sad right now, but i cant always be great. Quite honestly though, learning the truth about my anxiety has often set me free. Sometimes i go through a period of a month with very little anxiety, sharp thinking (at least for me), feeling calm and content. Its very nice, and i have a great deal of hope that this will continue in the future, as i believe in what i have learnt 1000000%. If you have issues with anxiety, i'm a good contact for you.

So this leaves my physical side effects.. Well this is kind of what has brought me here. For quite some time i rarely think about it, especially when im feeling really good. In honest truth i still have a feeling in the back of my mind something is wrong. Its sad, im a kind, good looking, fairly intelligent, funny and socially intelligent man. Yet i just never get laid. Actually at the moment i can sense im being checked out a lot. Yet a part of me is terrified, a part of me also just doesn't seem to have that drive and motivation. Its sad really. What i wouldn't give to just want to really ravage a women. I think that kind of feeling would fill me with confidence and i would seek out someone. At this stage im kind of waiting for a girl to fall into my lap, which wont happen and even if i do i'll probably be too scared. That being said, i can perform sexually ok, I did in the UK and i don't think much has changed. My performance might only be 'ok' though, i sense i'm not at my best.

I'm just going to keep working on the physical/mental, going to the gym, keeping happy, and working on self acceptance / acceptance of anxiety. I honestly think that it is a component to my sexual desire. I think that having my self esteem knocked so hard by what has happened + a very critical father has done a fair bit of damage. I do think changing my relationship to myself and to anxiety i'll notice libido will come back a little. There are little flashes.. Today i was talking to quite a cute woman in my team at work and i could see her figure beneath her black outfit and something definitely stirred. It was almost like the starter motor trying but nothing else happening.

I dream of having my libido return some day. I wonder how much is mental and how much is propecia. I suspect some is due to this drug, as hard to accept as it is. I do doubt i'll ever find a recovery formula here and i probably will never look. The only chance i have is my mental game, my hope, and perhaps time. When i'm not down i can function, my job is fairly decent and I can perform and help people. I can enjoy things in my life although my life is somewhat empty. Every now and then i get joyus because my anxiety fades, and its wonderful and this is enough to spur me on. My only dream is for my sexual system to kick in, for me to imagine myself making love to a women and for it to be a nice thought. If that happens my life might turn from Salvageable, to fantastic.

For anyone that reads this, I wish you the best and you're welcome to contact me.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:26 pm 

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I know that feel, bro...

No, really, it's not just for memes' sake; you've described exactly how I look at life right now. I'm trying to go on with it, but sometimes it gets so hard to contemplate the emptiness... Libido is way more important than what one would think.

Best wishes for you (and for me).

PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2017 12:01 am 

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Ok, checking in here to report some weird ass shit.

So things in general have been going ok. I've worked hugely on the mental symptoms in the last 3 years and its really paid off. I have already spoken about using Claire weeks / anxietynomore blog. I didn't have many other mental symptoms except what seemed like apathy, fatigue and poor memory. My brain fog had since cleared years ago. I had some bouts of feeling quite low (which was unusual for me even post propecia). They weren't that regular (perhaps once every 3 months). I started to suspect that i did have depression basically all the time, I was never really happy. Anyway I started reading about self compassion, i listened to a great audiobook called love yourself like your life depends on it, and some good ones by Tara Brach. I started to notice that i was thinking a lot clearer, performing better at work and more about to talk without worry.

After a failed date about 3 weeks ago (she actually said she was sad i didn't check her out more). I think she thought i didn't find her attractive. I started looking at Propecia help again dismayed about my libido. This really sent me into a tizz where one weekend i was reading all weekend about it, yelling at my parents occasionally, very down, distressed and worried. Basically saying that i needed to quit my job and move to Thailand. Yes i got that upset.

I tried a couple of random things, bought some tomato juice and ate a whole can of asparagus. Basically desperate.

I went to the doctor and discussed this again (a new doctor as they keep moving on). He ordered some blood tests, suggested i see a sexual health counsellor but also said that perhaps I could also see an endo as he could see it was years of the same. I started thinking that perhaps it was time to start trying some harder drugs as i would never recover. Id try HCG, Test or something like that. Yet at the same time i was also thinking about my mental symptoms. I wondered how much of an effect feeling fucked by propecia was having on me. One night i said that perhaps i should start giving love and attention to my thoughts of low libido.

Anyway blood tests came back and he tells my my cholesterol is a bit high, my liver (ALP & Bilirubin) is high also. My liver has shown signs of damage in the past (I barely ever drink so i wouldn't be surprised if that's Propecia related. Then he tells me my T is out of range. Yep i knew it. He tells me that it is elevated???? What??????????. The range is like 12-32. My T is 34.4. Wtf? Last year around the same time it was 22.2. He wrote me a referral to the endo.

So i started taking stock of my body, what the hell is going on. Its probably in my head but i realised i do feel manly. Keep getting headaches like i used to when im younger. I feel a bit stressed as if there is a pressure to do things / talk more. I feel a small tingling in my scalp. I don't care what people think at all at the moment. The strange thing is i think im naturally a high T person. As a child my voice broke earlier than everyone, i was quite muscular and also my hair fell out at 15!.

Ive been hitting the gym (powerlifting) for about 2.4 years now consistently 3 times per week (sometimes 4). I unknowingly took Tribulus before i found out about the blood test and I felt like an animal at the gym one night. This trib was after the blood test though.

So i'm really confused. I feel better, in fact im even having some sexual thoughts. Am i recovering? I don't know but i'll keep an eye on things over the next few months. Was the huge T some weird aberration/error? Surely a tin of asparagus couldn't do this? Hopefully it lasts or something changes.

If i really am getting better i really believe finally unwinding and dealing with my thoughts on this could be what has done it. I don't want to Jinx myself, i am just going to relax and not expect the world and see what happens..

Elevated T... wtf lol.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2017 7:48 am 

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Yo...those are really good sign of recovery....Plss hold on..I know a friend who was with same situation ur in right now......actually its been a long time since he recovered. High T levels are somewhat expected in ur case..its simply androgen resistance....this is the transition period where ur body begins to taste essence of Testosterone. So be careful...abstain and let ur body detoxify in its own way...take care...hope u find ur way back to urself ....soon enough..Godspeed..GDV

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