The Post-Finasteride Syndrome (PFS)

PFS describes a life-altering condition that can develop in a subset of men following exposure to the 5-alpha reductase inhibitor Finasteride (Propecia)

About this site is a website and discussion forum for men suffering persistent sexual, mental & physical effects after taking the drug Finasteride

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The site and discussion forum exists to support and connect men affected by the Post-Finasteride Syndrome

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Memory disorders “significantly associated” with isotretinoin and antidepressant use

Memory disorders “significantly associated” with SSRI and isotretinoin use Memory disorders and related problems are a key concern of members.  French researchers, publishing in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, have found that both isotretinoin and antidepressants are  significantly associated with memory disorders:…

Accutane: Journalist seeks interviewees for isotretinoin side effects research, UK issues drug safety update and Cosmo magazine covers devastating persistent effects

Accutane (isotretinoin) shares potent 5-alpha reductase inhibiting properties with finasteride and can cause a syndrome that can be apparently identical to Post Finasteride Syndrome. Reported persistent effects include libido loss, erectile dysfunction, depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety, panic attacks, penile shrinkage,…

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