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Welcome to both long term sufferers of PFS and new members.

Propeciahelp has now undergone a substantial update. This change was necessary from a technical perspective, but also for a number of reasons relating to user experience, including the accommodation of mobile devices. We hope that you find the new design pleasant and easy to navigate.

As well as a refreshed website, the forum has been migrated from its ageing infrastructure to a modern platform called Discourse. In our Resources section you can learn more about the features of Discourse and how to use them. While the categories have been simplified, the many posts documenting members’ experiences of PFS over the years have been preserved.

Beyond technical upgrades, we have sought to implement the important feedback helpfully provided by the community regarding the future of the site. A range of issues were raised, including several related to moderation. We have sought to address these with the following changes. New community moderators have been appointed, and features of the new forum software will allow users to easily “like” or “report” posts, helping to promote useful content while aiding in the moderation of the forum. Importantly, we have now established Community Guidelines, and we encourage you to review them. These represent the site’s values and are intended to help us pursue a civilised and productive conversation, accounting for sufferers’ differing experiences, symptoms, and the inherent emotion of the subject matter.

Propeciahelp has long served as a valued resource for men affected by this life-altering condition. In the absence of effective treatments or widespread awareness amongst the medical community, it will continue to offer a place of support, organisation and visibility for those suffering from PFS. We hope that the community will continue to share their individual stories of PFS, the results of their therapeutic attempts, and coping strategies.

Finally, we do have several integrated projects planned for the future aiming to better present data, broaden the conversation and take our issue forward – something we can only achieve together.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you deeply for both your continued support and your courage in facing this condition. You are not alone.

We hope to see you on the forum.

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  1. New site and forum are great, way better than before. Everything’s so fast now.

    One suggestion on the forum, can you remove the Cookies button on the bottom left of the screen, it’s kinda annoying and gets in the way of replies and stuff.

  2. The software we use (Discourse) has a strong focus on quick moving online discussions. Anything that distracts from that purpose is not supported. This includes sophisticated formatting and wild colored fonts. Signatures, like you suggested, are considered very “old school”, distract from the conversation flow, and are not supported either. I don’t know about you, but I by far prefer the clean minimalist look of Discourse to the way the forum used to look and work.

    @axolotl and myself are working on integrating the donation aspect you mentioned. It will be a lot cooler than just a link. Stay tuned.

  3. Welcome to our international users :earth_americas::heart:

    Over the years, propeciahelp has developed into a truly global site. Well over a thousand users visit us from all over the world each day. To better accommodate our international friends, we have now implemented a translation feature on this site. To use it, please proceed as follows:

    1. go to your profile as described here: Propeciahelp site news and feedback thread
    2. make sure that the “Interface language” setting is set to your language:
    3. If your language is now set to something else than English, you will now see this globe symbol:

    If your click on it, you will see a translation of the post. Even though we are using state of the art artificial intelligence and machine learning services, don’t expect a really great translation for what we are discussing on this site :smile:

    Have fun, and we hope that it will help our international visitors to better follow the conversations!

  4. Hi guys,

    Given our increasing workload, I’m pleased to say @Sugarhouse is now on the moderating team. Please join me in thanking him for his time and commitment. He is a long term member and previously his username was msab1990, however I asked him to change it to something that’s a word or a name given he’s joining the site staff.



  5. It’s great to meet you all, officially, and contribute to making a difference. I’m a great admirer of all the work you’ve all done so far and keen to help however possible.

    Let me get up to speed on the mod guide, the chat and put together a few thoughts on how I can help.

    It’s amazing how far this place has come.

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