Reuters Want to Unveil Hidden Propecia Papers

Reuters Want to Unveil Hidden Propecia Papers

Reuters are seeking to unseal court documents for public scrutiny, in line with the deep-rooted principles of open justice in the US. The hidden documents are part of a mass law-suit alleging that Merck had failed to warn patients about persistent sexual dysfunction from Propecia. This comes after Reuters discovered a faulty redaction and were able to access parts of the documents.

Judges are required to weigh up whether to permit secrecy of documents during product liability court cases. However the presiding Judge, Brian Cogan, has not done so according to Reuters.

Reuters’ filing comes after their story earlier this month about John Pfaff, who took his own life after developing persistent sexual side effects from Propecia. His widow, Kelly Pfaff, is seeking to bring the hidden court documents out into the open, in order to prevent others from going through the loss she has experienced.

Reuters have made the full motion available online here.

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